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Global Executive Protection Services

We offer the best solution for all your private security needs – Providing superior service, while offering the best possible security coverage and protection one would expect.

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Executive Protection

Our services include executive risk, threat and vulnerability assessments for at-risk public figures, and high-net worth individuals. We also provide estate and residential security services, secure transportation and international travel and risk advisories.

What We Offer

Mitigating risks and threats, along with extensive intelligence analysis, are at the core of all our customized executive protection programs. We provide close protection, secure travel logistics, and related security services for the well-being and productivity of a principal, wherever and whenever necessary. Find out how we can help you and your organization with your professional security needs.

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Executive Protection

Our services include executive risk, threat, and vulnerability assessments for at-risk public figures and high-net worth individuals. We also provide estate and residential security services, secure transportation, and international travel & risk advisories.

logistical support services

Logistical Support

Executive support is incorporated at every level of our services. Whether routine or complex international travel is required, our consultants make it seem easy through in-depth planning, coordination, and communication.


TSCM – Bug Sweeps

ESL is internationally capable of providing Technical Surveillance Counter Measures and Counter-Corporate Espionage services. Our service is focused on reducing exposures to our client’s sensitive data, proprietary information, and personal files.

travel security services

Travel Security

We provide comprehensive travel risk management and security solutions for both private and corporate sectors, in order to provide organizations with the tools they need in order to enable them to carry out business in some of the most challenging and fragile environments.

security consulting services

Security Consulting

Our highly trained and experienced security experts work with clients to identify risks and find the right security solutions that proactively prevent and manage security threats. We can help to expose, define, and develop a solution to mitigate these fears.

Protection Made Personal

Family offices and corporations rely on ESL to provide bespoke executive protection services that are comprehensive, effective, and easy to live with. As we strive for excellence in quality executive protection, our quality credo is our guide:

Relentless Client Focus

We base services on personalized risk evaluation and a holistic understanding of individual client needs regarding protection, productivity, reputation, and lifestyle preferences.

The Best Talent Available

We recruit the people best qualified for our clients’ needs and develop them through ongoing training and coaching. We want our company to be not only the best provider of personalized protective services, but also the best place to work in the industry.

Continual Operational Readiness

We design protective services that deliver the optimal mix of people, processes, and technology, and we continuously hold ourselves and our vendors accountable for maintaining the effectiveness of this mix.

Proven, Innovative, and Scalable Methods and Programs

We continue to develop our protective methodologies based on industry best practices and proactively embracing new possibilities to respond flexibly to evolving client needs and risks.

Dedicated to your success

Facilitation & Empowerment

“We are dedicated to providing the very best in protective services, with a focus on facilitation and empowerment to ensure our clients are as successful as possible.”

(Joseph M LaSorsa, CEO)


With an unmatched determination to provide quality above all else.


Ensuring value-added novelty by incorporating modern technology.


Supporting our clients to ensure their success and growth.

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Providing security comes with a large amount of risk. We understand you have unique needs when it comes to protecting and insuring your assets and interests.

Professionalism and career

Our private security personnel are always properly identified and have all the skills and qualifications for the assigned job.


We have more than 30 years of experience as private security personnel and understand logistics, management, budget, and calendar compliance.

Versatility and adaptation

We offer temporary and permanent security solutions with flexible schedules and the possibility of adapting to changes in season and locations.


We have put measures in place to ensure that all client information and security details are kept strictly confidential.

Personality and customer service

We keep open communication with our clients. We review feedback and address client concerns to maintain positive relationships with all of them.


Life happens, and we understand that. If there are any issues, discrepancies, or concerns with our staff or contract, we will be the first to address them and reach a quick resolution.

Employee Centered

Our staff is the core of our business. Without these great people, we would be unable to offer the exceptional level of service that we provide.