About Us

Protecting valuable assets, people, property, and information

Background & History

We are Executive Support & Logistics, your trusted source for security solutions with over 30+ years of experience. We have become one of the leading security services companies by combining our strong law enforcement skills with a firm focus on our clients’ safety, needs, and budgets.

We provide services that can assist nearly every business, organization, or individual. We have over 3 decades of experience in developing unique programs for an array of different businesses. Industry-specific training, reporting technology, and covert data collection are a few of the reasons clients from coast to coast have partnered with us.

A Force for Progress

Executive Support & Logistics can respond to any requirement of private protection and security with absolute professionalism, confidentiality and organization. We aim to solidify the customer’s safety along with confidence-building rapport, so they feel comfortable and intimate, while we remain discreet.

Using leading edge training and testing methods, our security personnel apply years of experience and rigorous attention to detail to address every aspect of your needs. To find out more, give us a call and take advantage of our security evaluations.

What we Provide to You

Our mission is to provide our clientele with superior service that is consistent with their ever changing security and protection needs.

Sense of Security

The presence of our private security personnel provides peace of mind to private individuals, corporate leaders, and high-profile clients.


We work with you to ensure our staff’s experience and qualifications match your personal needs and overall goals.


Going the extra mile to give you peace of mind- that’s our goal. With exceptional quality security we give you peace of mind.

Global Response

When there’s an issue or concern, you want it resolved quickly. We will do what it takes to solve the problem immediately.

Trusted Name

With over 30 years of service under our belt, it’s no wonder why high-profile clients trust us as their private security resource.

We Listen

Another advantage of being privately owned, with global reach, and consistently staffed, is the ability to offer one-on-one attention.

What Our Clients Say

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