TSCM – Bug Sweeps

Unmatched services for corporate protection and VIP security

ESL is internationally capable of providing Technical Surveillance Counter Measures and Counter-Corporate Espionage services. Our service is focused on reducing exposures to our client’s sensitive data, proprietary information, and personal files.

Our Vision

Our vision is to earn the lifetime loyalty of our customers by delivering the highest quality security services available anywhere. Our protective services are tailored to the needs of each individual client.

Customer Services

We understand our customers’ needs and consistently deliver on our promises. Our goal is to always exceed expectations in everything we do, setting the standard for our industry.

With your home and family apart of a digitally connected world, virtual threats can be just as dangerous as physical threats. Global Guardian’s family-focused assessments and services are designed to keep you and your family ahead of cyber threats and malicious actors.

We have worked for a number of high-profile individuals and has never experienced a case of a client considering the conduct of an agents as either inappropriate or unbecoming.

Top-tier executive protection goes beyond protecting your physical safety and also includes protecting your privacy from those who are too curious or who might pose a threat to your reputation (identity theft, revealing information online, etc.). We employ a comprehensive suite of tools and procedures to protect your privacy, including genuinely unbreakable email encryption for your communications.

Further, our procedures also ensure that individual agents only have access to the information they need to do their job of protecting you, without unnecessary detail. They are trained to operate, wherever possible, in the background. High-quality personal security should not be intrusive.