The Protective Circle

A Comprehensive Framework for Executive Protection Excellence

The Protective Circle

A Comprehensive Framework for Executive Protection Excellence

What Clients and Practitioners Need to Know About Executive Protection

With insights only lived experience can provide, security pro Christian West shares lessons learned from years of protecting some of America’s most prominent people.

In his latest book, West presents a straightforward but powerful framework that empowers stakeholders in corporations, family offices, and provider companies to understand the foundations of protective quality. The Protective Circle provides fresh perspectives of West’s latest thinking on:

  • Risk mitigation made personal
  • The importance of a comprehensive approach to protection
  • What separates best-in-class protection from the rest

In a profession that is inherently up-close and personal, West convincingly argues that executive protection is a people business whose ultimate success depends directly on the right staff and management as well as proven procedures and technology. The Protective Circle gives clients and practitioners alike the insight they need to ask the key questions they need to answer.

Why companies, family offices, and ultra-high-net worth individuals establish personal protection programs?

Why adapting protective best practices to the individual lifestyles and preferences of the principal is not a luxury, but a necessity?

How the many different aspects of personal risk mitigation come together in an effective, holistic approach to executive protection?

How to set up and manage quality protective programs – and troubleshoot or turn around underperforming programs?

Which roles corporate/family office stakeholders play in the protective  ecosystem – and what practitioners must understand about them?

What to outsource, what to insource, and how to find the right service partners?

ISBN-13: 9781945783357
Publisher: How2Conquer
Publication date: 03/31/2024
Format: eBook
Pages: 290
File size: 7 MB

Christian West is an executive protection architect and entrepreneur with decades of international experience. He has successfully founded, led, and sold two leading executive protection companies, AS Solution and West Security. A sought-after speaker, EP trainer, and security advisor in Europe and the United States, Christian is an active blogger who has written dozens of blogs and two bestselling books on executive protection. Christian founded Asgaard Technologies to bring to market Protection Manager, the world’s first app suite designed exclusively for the executive protection industry. He is also an advisor in several security technology companies. Christian founded EP Access in 2021 to provide high-quality training for EP professionals.

Introduction: The Foundations of Quality in Executive Protection
Section 1: Necessity, Nature, and Scope of Executive Protection Programs
  • Chapter 1-1: Executive Protection is Risk Management Made Personal
  • Chapter 1-2: The Protective Circle – a comprehensive approach to mitigating personal security risks
  • Chapter 1-3: Why every corporation and ultra-high-net-worth family should have an executive protection strategy
  • Chapter 1-4: The questions boards of directors must ask before mandating an executive protection program
  • Chapter 1-5: How to determine appropriate staffing levels
  • Chapter 1-6: What’s the best way for corporations and family offices to source executive protection services?
Section 2: Managing the Executive Protection Program
  • Chapter 2-1: The executive protection ecosystem in corporate settings
  • Chapter 2-2: The executive protection ecosystem in high-net-worth families
  • Chapter 2-3: Setting objectives for the executive protection program
  • Chapter 2-4: Organizing the executive protection program
  • Chapter 2-5: Motivating and communicating with the executive protection team
  • Chapter 2-6: Measuring the performance of the corporate executive protection team
  • Chapter 2-7: Connecting the dots between regulations, standards, policies, and procedures – and their operational applications in executive protection
  • Chapter 2-8: How to write an executive protection strategy
Section 3: The Importance of Training
  • Chapter 3-1: Why training matters
  • Chapter 3-2: Separating the hard and soft skills of executive protection – and introducing tradecraft
  • Chapter 3-3: Training and the 10 protective capabilities
  • Chapter 3-4: Soft skills are hard
  • Chapter 3-5: The importance and challenges of sustainment training
Section 4: Managing Changes in Executive Protection Programs
  • Chapter 4-1: Starting up an executive protection program
  • Chapter 4-2: Turning around a security program that’s in trouble
  • Chapter 4-3: Realigning a protective program that needs to change course
  • Chapter 4-4: Sustaining an effective executive protection program
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